How I Became A Self Published Author

Life changes in every single way when you become a parent, even more so when you are a young parent. Everything you thought you knew about yourself changes. My son was my Ah Ha moment.


When he was born I realized that I wasn’t cut out for a corporate environment job. Then my journey as a writer began.


Writing stories has been one of the most natural things to me. My love for books and stories started at an early age. My mom and I would go to the library during school holidays and binge read. I would read our first reader books on the way home from school. I also enjoyed writing essays during high school and when my love found a story I had written he motivated me to publish it.


I wrote a short story named What Can I Be? Which turned into a series called Adventurous Alex.


I signed up to Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing or KDP and created a profile on Amazon’s Author Central.


In future posts I will explain how I went from dreaming the stories to creating and publishing them.


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