The Story of Sam

It was Sunday, June the 28th 2015. The wind was howling, the sky was overcast and the scent of rain wafted through the air. We had just returned from picking up my son at his grandparent’s house and put him to bed.


“What’s that sound?” I asked.


“I don’t know. It sounds like a dog crying”, he replied.


“Our neighbours need to give their dog some attention. It’s making so much noise”, I replied annoyed.


An hour and a half passed and the howling continued, getting louder.


“Why does it sound so loud?” he asked.


“Yeah, it sounds like it’s in our yard”, I replied and looked out of the window.


I rushed to the front door, opened the gate and scooped the little furry bundle into my hands.



That’s how Sam arrived in our lives. She was a tiny five week old husky puppy. We called the police, asked the neighbours, called the SPCA and local vets, but we couldn’t find her owners.

She was a little shaken, but quickly became a part of our family. I loved her from the moment I held her in my arms. We were allowed to adopt her after ten days of looking for her owner. (We eventually found her owner two months later- it was our neighbour, but he didn’t want her back, because he had another dog already.) It’s like she was meant to be ours, because we went to every house except her owner’s house and he went looking for her at every other house than ours.


So there we were with a young husky puppy and no clue on how to take care of her. Both of us have lots of experience with other dog breeds and I never thought I would own a husky, let alone two, but all things happen for a reason.


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