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Becoming A Better Illustrator


When I began writing stories for children I felt intimidated by the drawing part. Being self-published I couldn’t afford a designer to illustrate my books. It’s not like I have never drawn before, but I lacked self confidence in my abilities. I didn’t believe my illustrations were good enough to publish so I asked my Love to illustrate for me and he did, but soon his workload increased and I had lots of books and no illustrations for them. I had to bite the bullet and draw.


I draw everyday to improve my skills. I’m not going to lie, my first illustrations were mediocre to awful, but now I create images that I am proud of.


So my advice is draw every single day. Draw while you are watching tv or drinking your morning coffee. You don’t have to draw anything specific, just let your creativity flow. Don’t worry if the pictures don’t look perfect right away. These things take time. Be gentle with yourself and never give up.


Soon you will see your style of illustration emerging. Keep in mind that there is no right way or wrong way to illustrate. When I started out I wanted all my pictures to look realistic and denied my illustration style (which is more of a cartoon style). I had a real conversation with myself and realised that I draw the way I draw and it doesn’t have to be perfect. My illustrations are a reflection of myself and I have to own my style.


Own your style as an illustrator. Be fearless. Be bold. Be you.


Draw every day and you will reap the rewards.


My book Are you an elephant? is available for purchase on Amazon.

It’s a story about a little girl’s first trip to the zoo. Her mother tells her that she is going to see an elephant. She is unsure of what an elephant is or what it looks like and ends up asking every animal in the zoo if they are an elephant. This book is great for kids who want to learn about animals and their traits. It’s great for young readers.

Children’s Books: Are You An Elephant?: A determined little girl sets out to find an elephant in the zoo

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