Huskies Are Just Overgrown Furry Toddlers


husky quote.jpg

Two huskies and a toddler under one roof is a recipe for a crazy day. I’ve been watching my son and the huskies over the past year and came to the conclusion that huskies are just overgrown furry toddlers. It’s impossible to ignore the similarities between my little one and the huskies. Some days he behaves like a husky, other days they behave like toddlers. Here’s a list of some of the similarities I’ve noticed between them:


They want whatever you’re eating- They could be doing their own thing, but as soon as they hear the microwave they come running and give me that what ‘have you got there?’ look.


They are stubborn – Huskies and toddlers do everything when they want and the way they want to. No exceptions.


They love to make a mess- If the place is too clean, leave it to them to ‘fix’ it.


When they aren’t playing, pooping or eating they’re sleeping- Seriously, they have two modes. Play and sleep.


They love to whine- This goes back to the stubborn bit, if you don’t do what they want to do they whine (or howl) till they get their way.


They crave constant attention- If said attention is not given they will whine until they get attention.


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