Meet Max


It was about a month after we adopted Sam when we noticed behavioural changes. She was listless and depressed eventhough she was living inside and I was home constantly. It was as if she had a sense of longing. We discovered that she was taken from her mother at five weeks old, which is far too young. She was also biting us and the children relentlessly, even after we tried countless methods to curb her nibbling. So we decided to get another dog.


There are plenty of one year old and older huskies in dog shelters, but she was extremely intimidated by every single one we met. We started giving up hope that we would ever find her a companion.


A month passed and we eventually rescued Max. He was filthy and had dried ticks in his ears. He wasn’t vaccinated or dewormed so we sorted that out right away.


Sam and Max didn’t bond right away. Sam was a month older than him and determined to dominate. It took us about four weeks to socialise them, but once they did they got on like a house on fire.


Max was a very calm and reserved puppy. He quickly ended her nibbling ways.


We love both of them for different reasons. Sam is more playful. She loves running and playing fetch. Sam loves being the centre of attention. She gives the best cuddles and loves all people. We often say that she is a typical husky. She is also extremely stubborn.

Max is more reserved. He makes you work for his affection. He only runs if something is worth running for. Max loves long naps in the shade. It’s really something special when he gives you affection. He listens very well and follows instructions.

I often say that Sam wouldn’t be such a wonderful dog without Max. I believe that they bring balance into each other’s lives. They are so happy together and I’m so blessed to have them.



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