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Free Printable: Motivational Posters

I’ve made these wonderful motivational wall art/ posters. They feature Andy, the main character from my book Are you an elephant? These are words that I say to my daughter every day. You are strong. You are brave. You are smart. My son is a bit more basic – A “good job” or “well done” with a high five and a hug is just as good to him.









I hope you enjoy these printables.


It’s available from Amazon for $0.99.Kindle Unlimited members can read this book for free.

Are you an elephant? is a wonderful book about a determined little girl’s first trip to the zoo. Her mother tells her that she is going to see an elephant, but she has no idea what an elephant looks like. She asks every animal that she meets if they are an elephant, but they give her every reason why they aren’t an elephant. This is a great book to teach young readers about animals.

Children’s Books: Are You An Elephant?: A determined little girl sets out to find an elephant in the zoo






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