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Freebie Friday: Valentine’s Special

It’s Valentine’s weekend and I want to celebrate it with you. I’m offering two of my new books for absolutely free tomorrow on Amazon.


The first one is Help! Harry Has Hiccups.



It’s a funny story of Harry Hamster who hiccups constantly. He just can’t stop! He is so fed up of the hiccups that he gets all four of his brothers to help. The one who wins gets all their chores done for an entire month. They each come up with crazy schemes to stop the hiccups. Will a brother win the prize or will Harry be stuck with hiccups forever?


Here’s the first paragraph of this book:

Harry Hamster lived with his parents and four brothers in a small town named Hamster Hollow. Harry was a little different from his brothers, because he hiccupped constantly. He hiccupped from sun up till sun down. He hiccupped at school, he hiccupped when playing with his friends, he hiccupped in the bath and he even hiccupped while he slept. He just couldn’t stop.


“I’m so tired of all this hiccupping!” he cried.


One morning Harry’s brothers were having a delicious breakfast. They had sausage, cereal, pancakes, waffles, syrup, fried eggs, toast, juice and milk. Harry joined them, but as soon as he sat down he had a hiccupping fit. The table shook, the crockery clanged, the cutlery fell to the floor and with one hic the milk spilt all over and hit two of his brothers in the face. Their faces were soaked!


“Hey!” his oldest brother Henry shouted.


“Eew!” his brother Hans exclaimed.


“Hic! Sorry guys, hic, I just can’t, hic, help it!” Harry apologised.


Harry thought that this was definitely the last straw and came up with a great idea to stop this hiccupping once and for all, but he’d have to clean the table first…


The Next book is Are You An Elephant?


I’ve written about this book in a post yesterday. It’s a lovely book about a girl’s first trip to the zoo. She is desperate to find an elephant, but has no idea what one looks like. She asks every animal in the zoo if they are an elephant and learns a lot about them too.


These books will be completely free on Friday 12 February 2016. I would appreciate it if you would rate and review my books.


Please follow my blog for printables and other information relating to these and other books.


Stay blessed.




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