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How I’m the Perfect 1950’s Housewife in the 21st Century


My house is immaculately clean, my children are happy all the time and I cook three warm meals for my family everyday are words that I’ve never said. I’m not a perfect housewife and I’ll never be.


Let’s start with the kids, dressing my son is a mission; either he wears shoes and no clothes or clothes with no shoes. Then it is homework time and I have to beg madam to finish all of the work before night time. I try to keep my house clean, but end up thinking ‘am I the only one who sees the dirt around here?’ Seriously though, how can a place be dirtier after you cleaned it than before?


Home cooked meals that take hours to prepare are great, but let me show you what I can make with 30 minutes and a toddler tugging on my dress. If I’m not too tired after a day of home schooling, homework helping, cleaning, cooking, blogging, writing and illustrating my Love may get some attention before I pass out on the couch while trying to watch one of my favourite shows and wake up the next day to do it all again.


Where’s the balance in this? How do women do it? If you are able to juggle it all, please pass me the manual. When I’m not too exhausted, I’m consumed by guilt.


Here’s my typical day: If I’m doing something with the kids I feel guilty, because I should be cleaning. When I’m cleaning I feel guilty, because I should be cooking. When I’m cooking I feel guilty, because I should be spending time with my man. When I’m with him I feel guilty, because I should be writing. When I’m writing I feel guilty, because I should be illustrating. When I’m Illustrating I feel guilty, because I feel like I should be blogging. See what I mean?


Then I end up feeling so bad that I end up doing nothing and stuff my face with chocolate after the kids go to sleep (more chocolate for me).

Enough is enough! To bring more balance in my life I have to assess what is important so I’ve cut down my to-do list to this:

I will try to keep my kids alive for another day.

I will try to give everyone a meal that doesn’t necessarily come out of a box in the freezer.

I will try to use my inside voice, even though I want to scream like a banshee.

I will act like a man and realise that the dirt is just a figment of my woman’s imagination.

I’ll try to post something meaningful on my blog.

I will also try to remember that if I can’t do it all today, I’ll try again tomorrow.


So maybe I’m not the perfect 1950’s or 21st Century housewife, but I’m trying to be the best version of myself I can be.


Love and Blessings,

Lindsay Sign Off


8 thoughts on “How I’m the Perfect 1950’s Housewife in the 21st Century

      1. The huskies have me. I think they know that they are the boss, especially Max. He gets so moody that I spend all day trying to make him feel better, even though I have no idea what I did wrong.

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