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My Beautiful South Africa

Cape Town and South Africa as a whole has many beautiful places. There is beauty in nature, the old Cape Dutch homesteads and gritty townships. I find the most beauty in everyday life. I’m so excited to share these images with you.


The Nyanga Township.


Fruit sellers.


Taxi Rank.





A hair salon.


Just a little bit about the Nyanga township:

The word Nyanga means moon and it is one of the oldest black townships in South Africa. Nyanga is also the murder capital of South Africa. I’ve been to Nyanga many times and I love how vibrant it is. I hope you’ve enjoyed these photographs.




7 thoughts on “My Beautiful South Africa

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    Throwback to my some of my favourite pictures I’ve ever taken. I love South Africa and all the different areas. Here are photographs I’ve taken of Nyanga Township.


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