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Sneak Peek: A Great Gift for Gigi

My new book A Great Gift for Gigi will be available in the Amazon store from tomorrow for only $0.99.

Gigi cover.jpg

It is a fun story about a young girl named Anastasia who is invited to her best friend Gigi’s birthday party. She is very excited and spends all morning buying the perfect gifts for her friend. She brushes her hair, puts on her new party dress and sets out to collect her gifts to go to the party. It all goes downhill from there.


Her sister used the bubble bath and lotion she bought for her friend, her uncle ate the brownies that they bought from a shop all the way across town and her prospects of going to the party with a gift are becoming slim.


Her sister, Rose, tries her best to lift Anastasia’s spirits and with a little help from Anastasia, Uncle Josh and Cousin Cindy they might be able to put together a great gift for Gigi.


This is a great book for children aged 5 to 9. It teaches the value of teamwork and creativity. It is filled with wonderful illustrations that I worked really hard to create. I hope your children enjoy reading it as mine did when I read it to them.


Here’s an exclusive look at a couple of paragraphs from the book:


Anastasia was getting ready for her best friend Gigi’s Birthday Party later that afternoon. Anastasia and Gigi have been friends for a few years now and they knew each other very well. Anastasia spent a lot of time at the mall picking out the perfect gift for her friend and she was anxious to give it to her.


She took her new party dresses out of her cupboard.


“The blue one or the pink one?” she thought aloud.


She chose the blue one, because pink was Gigi’s favourite colour and she would probably be wearing that on the day. She brushed her hair, put on a lick of lip gloss and she was ready to go. She trotted downstairs to collect the first present.


Meanwhile, Anastasia’s older sister, Rose, was enjoying a long hot bath. She just came home from a long shift at the restaurant where she was waitressing. She hopped out of the bath and dressed then she was off to see what her younger sister was up to.


“You smell lovely” Anastasia commented.


“I know, It’s that new lotion and bubble bath I found on the kitchen counter. Mum must have bought it for me” Rose replied.


‘This can’t be!’ Anastasia thought and rushed to the kitchen counter.


The present was gone! Rose used Gigi’s birthday present.


“Oh No!” Anastasia cried.


“What’s wrong?” Rose asked with a confused look on her face.


“It’s Gigi’s birthday present! You used it!” Anastasia wailed.


“I’m really sorry Anastasia. I didn’t mean it. It was an accident. Is there anything I can do to help?” Rose asked.


“No! You’ve done quite enough!” Anastasia said and stormed out of the room.


She was very upset that Rose used the lotion and the bubble bath, but luckily she had plan B…

A Great Gift for Gigi is available from Amazon tomorrow.


I sincerely hope you enjoyed this excerpt. Please remember to rate and review the book so that this story can reach more children.


Thanks so much for your support.


Stay blessed.



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