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Jungle Myths and Tales Bonus Story

Hi there!


I’m celebrating my 20th published book on Amazon and decided to treat my readers with some ‘outtakes’ of my Jungle Myths and Tales Series.


I hope you enjoy these adaptations of South African Stories.


Similar stories can be found in my Jungle Myths and Tales books.


Lion Thought He Was Wiser Than His Mother


Lion, man and some other animals like otter and hippo were playing in the river and started to fight.

Lion was very cross and told his mother what happened later that night.

Mother told him not to play with man.

He shouldn’t trust anyone with guns and dogs “stay far away my son if you can!”

Lion didn’t care what his mother had to say.

He returned to the river anyway.

He stopped for some water to drink.

The man’s dogs bit him and man injured him without even a blink.

Eventually the violence ceased.

Lion was reluctantly released.

Lion stumbled home in unbearable pain.

Since then he would take his mother’s advice again and again.


Jackal Outsmarts Lion


Jackal was walking on a narrow mountain road one day.

He put his nose to the ground but all he could smell was clay.

Maybe I’ll smell something to eat.

A rat or a lizard or some leftover meat.

He heard a noise close to him and he thought he was seeing double.

It was lion and jackal knew he was in big trouble!

He had tricked and cheated lion many times before.

He needed a plan to escape lion’s mighty jaw.

The lion saw him and he couldn’t run away.

He would surely kill jackal today.

Jackal cried “Help me!” and gazed at the rocks.

The lion stopped in his tracks, visibly shocked.

Jackal grasped his heart as he cry.

“These rocks are going to fall and we’re all going to die!”

“Lion, please help!” said the jackal, covering his head.

“Please use your strength to save us before these rocks squash us dead!”

Lion looked up consumed by fear.

Jackal told him where to put his paws to hold the rock up right here.

“Thank you great lion so brave!”

“I will search for something to hold the rock up so you too can be saved.”

Jackal left lion to support the big stone.

We have no idea how long lion was there on his own.

Another day jackal’s wit had won.

But next time jackal sees lion its better he run!


Stay Blessed.




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