Writing Without a Network

So I’ve been completely compulsive and decided to rent a row boat, even though I’ve never been in a boat before. How hard can it be, right? I push the tiny flimsy boat into the shallow water and paddle out, beyond the stream towards the ocean. The tide picks up and carries me off into the distance. Civilization becomes further and further away and I realise I’m in the middle of the ocean in a row boat. I have very little to sustain myself and I can’t swim so there is no way I’m going to get out of this boat. I bob along for what seems like forever, until I see something in a distance. It’s a flickering light, no, it’s a lighthouse. I grab my paddles and start rowing ferociously towards the light. A wave of relief washes over me as I reach the shore. I know where I am. I’m finally home.


That’s how it feels to be writing without a network of writers to bounce off of. I needed someone to hold my hand and show me the way. I’m so happy to say that I have found my lighthouse and my home. Scribophile provides that comfort that I need as a self-published writer. Don’t paddle in the middle of the ocean. Home is waiting for you.


Stay Blessed.


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