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Free Books: My Big Birthday Bash

This is your personal invitation to my Big Birthday Bash.


Tomorrow is my birthday and my gift to you is the entire Jungle Myths & Tales series for free on the 25th of February.


The series is a collection of children’s stories taken across multiple African countries and cultures as to why and how various animals and objects acquired their traits.

Each story in the collection is an African folklore – campfire stories passed on from one generation to the next through the oral and written tradition. The stories have been told to children at family gatherings, before bedtime, often with a moral ending or purely for entertainment value. The stories are often told through animals or forces of nature, indicating the belief in the seamless connection between man and nature.

The collection of stories are great for first time readers.

This book is ideal for children between 6 and 10. The stories can be read aloud to your kids and are also easy enough for them to read on their own.

The entire collection is written in rhyme with bright and colourful illustrations to amuse young minds.

I hope you and your child have as much fun reading this book as I did researching, writing and reading them with mine. They are written with love, from my children to yours.


Here are eight the books on offer:









You can also view my author page here for other children’s books that might pique your interest.

Thank you for celebrating my birthday with me.


Stay Blessed!






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