step parenting

My Best Day as a Stepmom

My journey as a stepmom has been filled with more highs than lows. I’ve found that the older she gets, the stronger our relationship grows.


She returned from school with a letter for me. I thought that one of her friends had written it for me, because they would send artworks and notes with her after school. A letter from her was so unexpected, but so wonderful.


She wrote:

To: Lindsay

You are the best, you are very talented and you are the best person ever.

Thank you for being there.

You are a star!


This struck a cord with me, because as a stepmom it’s easy to feel like you are taken for granted.


You may be doing more work than both parents combined, but you get no credit and all the blame if anything goes wrong.


Her acknowledgement of my actions solidified this day as my best day as a stepmom (so far).


Being a stepmom is a wonderful experience and I’m loving the journey so far.


All children are a blessing and this just showed me that even when I don’t feel like I’m doing things right, my children are taking note and appreciating my actions.


Stay Blessed!




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