Self Motivation: The Key to Self Publishing Success

Writing and publishing can be quite a lonely road. It’s just you and your ideas. There’s no boss cracking the whip or deadline looming. Are you motivated to start and finish your book? Do you push yourself to get the job done?


As a writer you need to be self-motivated and tenacious. Are you going to slog through the next chapter or are you going to sit on the couch and watch Netflix all day? This is something I battle with every day.


I try to make my writing and illustrating a priority over everything else I need to do in my day. Some days I can write entire stories from start to finish in one sitting, other days it’s a mission to string five words in a sentence. There are many set-backs that I’ve come across, books may not sell, I might not be able to draw something the way I like or I may get so snowed under with household duties that I only start working at 11pm.


It’s been difficult to stay motivated all the time. I’m the kind of person who stresses about every little detail, but not enough to be type A (I’m more of an A-). I worry if my readers would like it and how it would add to their lives. I worry how the book will be received; I worry if I’ll make any money. I worry and worry. The worry turns into doubt, which makes me analyse whether I should really be doing this. Then I may not feel like writing or drawing at all.


My father sent a quote via text the other day that changed my outlook completely. It read: Too many people aren’t living their dreams, because they are too busy living their fears.


I’ve set some goals that I try my best to achieve. I have to remember them when I’m having a bad day. I have everything that I need to succeed. I have my mind, my talent and the drive to do better than my best.I’ve impressed myself so far with what I have achieved in a month. I’m not going to stop now. I have to do more. Do better. Be better.


You can do it! You can write that book! You can do anything and be anything you want! You just have to believe in yourself.


Thank you for joining me on this journey.


Stay Blessed!


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