Writing Wednesday: Procrastination

I wrote this post a while ago and I’ve been meaning to post it all day, but the procrastination monster reared its ugly head and here I am.


I have a few books that I would like to illustrate this week, but I’m having trouble kick starting the process. Even writing this blog post is a result of my procrastination. I know exactly why I’m procrastinating though. I had a very bad week last week with publishing Dancersaur and Daniel Dragon’s Princess Pal.


I added the words “Kindle Unlimited” in the keyword section of KDP (BIG MISTAKE) and ended up having a back and forth with Amazon. I had no intention of skewing data in my favour or anything like that. It was just an honest mistake. So here I am, completely hesitant to start my next book. It’s like my fingers are made of lead.


I’m a sensitive soul and I take any setback very harshly (I’m a Pisces). I’ve been working on everything except my next book. Even when I start that, I abandon it for something else. I really need a mood booster or something to get me out of this funk.


This book isn’t going to illustrate itself!


How do you end the cycle of procrastination? If you have any advice; please comment below. Let’s start a conversation.


Stay Blessed!


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