Sketching Sunday: Drawing a penguin

Hi there!

I hope you are having a wonderful and peaceful Sunday so far.

PicMonkey Collage.jpg

I enjoy drawing so much that I try to draw daily. Here’s a quick tutorial on how to draw a simple penguin as seen in my book Are You an Elephant.


Start by drawing two ovals with a pencil. The one on top should be smaller than the one at the bottom, like a snowman.


Draw the beak by making a carrot shape that sticks out of the top oval. Next draw wings on either side of the lower oval. I will now refer to the top oval as the head and the bottom oval as the body.


Draw another thinner carrot shape under the first one to complete the beak. Then draw two feet underneath the body.


Draw an oval on the inside of the penguin’s tummy and a widow’s peak on its head.


Finally draw three little hairs and two eyes on the penguin’s head.


Trace your penguin with a marker or Sharpie. Be careful when tracing the beak, because the head and beak overlap.


Try to trace as closely to the line as possible, but don’t worry if your lines are a bit bigger or smaller than your pencil lines.


Erase the pencil lines.


Colour the picture and there you have a perfect little penguin.


I hope you and your kids enjoy drawing this penguin as much as I did.

Don’t be afraid to make this picture your own by accessorising the penguin or adding a background.


Happy drawing!
Stay Blessed!

Lindsay Sign Off






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