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Spotlight On: A Great Gift for Gigi

Hi there!


I’m so happy to FINALLY get to blogging today. Monday’s are always so hectic for me. I change my son’s toys in his little classroom and tidying the house took WAY longer than usual so here I am, at 8 o’ clock at night, finally.


Here’s a little background on my book A Great Gift for Gigi.

Gigi cover

My (step)daughter and I spend lots of time going to shops all year round (I swear, she has a friend with a birthday every single month!). I thought what would happen if she didn’t have a gift for one of her friends and the book was born. She received a hand beaded necklace with a letter from one of her school friends last year and she loved it so much. This was so inspirational, the most expensive gift may not be the best one. This book is a great way to teach children the value of friendship, teamwork and resourcefulness. Little Gigi spends all morning shopping for the perfect gift for her best friend. Her mother leaves for work and everything goes awry as she gets ready for the birthday party. Her plan A and plan B are ruined and she has no plan C. Her sister, uncle and cousin chip in to help her. Do you think she will ever find a Great Gift for Gigi? You can pick this wonderful book up on Amazon for $0.99.

Get A Great Gift for Gigi here


Thank you so much for all your support.


Stay Blessed!

Lindsay Sign Off



7 thoughts on “Spotlight On: A Great Gift for Gigi

      1. It’s nearly 12.30 AM here. I’m burning the midnight oil right now digitizing my drawings for a new book. Monday was hectic, I spent more time cleaning than anything. I felt quite frustrated with the workload though, it felt like I had no time to the kids or myself. Is everything ok? Are you just going for a general check up or is it something serious?

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      2. I had some tests done last week on my kidneys and I’ve actually been called back to discuss the results, I’m hoping it’s nothing too serious. I’m a bit of a worry wart at the best of times but I’m trying to stay positive. We’ll see.
        Sounds like you’ve had a busy day and need to get to bed. Mind you, I’m just as bad at burning the midnight oil!


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