Tasty Tuesday: 3 Ingredient Jelly/ Jello Gummies

I’m a fan of quick and easy recipes that require few ingredients.

Jelly Gummies.jpg

My son used to love jelly, so I bought loads of boxes, thinking that his love affair with jelly would never end. In true toddler fashion he developed a total aversion to jelly. So here I am, with a pantry full of jelly and a toddler that won’t eat it in it’s intended form. When life gives you jelly turn it into jelly gummies.



250ml Water

A box/ packet of jelly

4 Tablespoons of Gelatin



Place the water in a pot and bring to the boil.


Turn down the heat and add Jelly and Gelatin then whisk until disolved.


Pour the mixture into moulds. I used chocolate moulds that I found at a baking store.


Leave the mixture to stand for an hour or two or you can put it in the fridge if you prefer.


Pop them out of the moulds and they are ready to eat.


My notes:

I would add some sugar to the boiling water if I was making the sweets for adults or older children.

I’ve made many types of homemade sweets and gummies before and these are the closest I’ve gotten to store bought texture.


Join me again next week for Tasty Tuesday.


Love and Blessings!

Lindsay Sign Off


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