Writing Wednesday: 6 Ways I Beat Writer’s Block

Beating writer's block

The worst feeling as a writer is when you know what you want to say, but you don’t know how to say it. It is also frustrating when you could write pages of good material a day ago, but you can’t even string a sentence together today.

Before I totally give up I try these six steps to beat writer’s block:

  1. Play with the dogs outside – There’s something calming about the outdoors and a furry friend by your side. They help me forget about my problems and help me to live in the moment. It’s also a bonus that they don’t care whether I can put five words together and make them work. I don’t even think they care that I’m a writer at all.
  2. Tidy the workspace – That’s the whole house in my case! I always think more clearly in a clean environment.
  3. Play some music – I love blasting my favourite songs and losing myself in a dance party in my lounge.
  4. Read a book – Reading other people’s words is always a quick way to get me out of a writing funk.
  5. Do something creative – I like to draw or colour in a picture that is totally unrelated to what I’m writing. Creativity inspires other creativity.
  6. Take a nap – There’s something magical about the way a brain takes all the bits of information and puts it together while you sleep. I wake up feeling refreshed and ready to write.


Writer’s block is real, but don’t be discouraged. You can overcome it and write the book of your dreams!


What do you do to beat writer’s block?


Stay Blessed!

Lindsay Sign Off

One thought on “Writing Wednesday: 6 Ways I Beat Writer’s Block

  1. #3 works for me. Really loud lively music in the lounge room or my weekly class at Zumba which I had today. Totally energises me. As does walking Harry my dog. Hope the creative juices are flowing again now.

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