***Share a Post Saturday!***

Don’t miss out on this great blog party. Let’s start a conversation!

Lucky Otters Haven


A couple of months ago I hosted a blog party but hardly anyone came. 😦

I’m going to try this again though.

I’m looking for some new blogs to read and would like know about them and I also want to help promote yours. Have a post you’re just dying to let everyone know about? Don’t be shy. Link to it here in the comments!

I’ll also share your post to all my social media, increasing your views.
All I ask in return is that you reblog this post when you drop your link. If you’d like, you can also share it to your social media too. Spread the word.

Have fun and go at it!

If this turns out to be successful, I’ll probably do this more often.


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2 thoughts on “***Share a Post Saturday!***

  1. Hi there! A blog party is hosted by a blogger and it’s a place where you can comment by telling them a bit about yourself and add a link to your blog. You can see what I mean by clicking the ‘view original post’ link in the post above. I love attending blog parties, because I get to meet a variety of bloggers that are keen on getting to know me too. If you get stuck you can let me know. There’s a blog party coming up this Wednesday and Friday. Some bloggers have them all weekend long. I’ve signed up for the A to Z challenge too. My dogs swim in the pool all day to be honest. They don’t want to come inside at the moment, they prefer to be outside. I opened the door for them to come in last night, they ran around and went back outside. I don’t know what to do with them.


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