Siberian Saturday: Photos of my morning with the mutts

All of us went outside this morning, I took a cup of coffee and a book and the little one took his cars. The dogs were soaking up the sun. We’ve had a peaceful morning so far.


Sam and Max getting ready to take their third nap for the morning.


Sam watching the little one play in the distance.


Check out my dental work mom!



I can’t believe he let me take a photo up close like this.


Okay, enough photos now mom!


Sam’s first photobomb.


Sam looking wolf like – she hardly lets me take photos of her.


So that was my morning. The dogs are napping right now. The little one is playing all around them.


I hope you liked the photos.


Let me know what you think.


Stay Blessed!

Lindsay Sign Off.jpg




19 thoughts on “Siberian Saturday: Photos of my morning with the mutts

    1. Thanks! Kids always come up to me and ask if they are blind, because their eyes are two different colours. I hardly notice it anymore. We like to believe that they have two different eye colours because dogs are connected with heaven and earth at the same time.


      1. Oh, that’s so sweet! I love it when dogs (or cats, or even people!) have two different colored eyes. It’s so cool and looks awesome to me.

        Just because it looks odd to most people doesn’t mean it’s a disability and the dog can’t see! Silly kids.

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      2. Her eyes were the first thing I noticed when I picked Sammy girl up from our doorstep. Kids can be silly sometimes, but my stepdaughter was quite chuffed because all of her friends were talking about her dog’s eyes.

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      3. Yes, it was quite devastating when Sammy passed on. I was actually more upset than my son was though, even though I only met his dog twice (I think my son was prepared, he knew the time had come).

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      4. It is always better if you know the time has come. My father noticed that his dog hadn’t eaten all day, even though he put her food out. The dog was old and they have a big yard so he didn’t think anything of it. He said he had a very busy day and when he got home the food was still there. He soon discovered that his dog passed away. He was devastated from the shock. He doesn’t want another dog again.

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