Sketching Sunday: Drawing a giraffe.



I hope your Sunday is going well so far.


My book Are You an Elephant? is free today on Amazon and in the spirit of Are You an Elephant? today’s post is on drawing a giraffe found in the book.


Get Are You an Elephant? free here

Step 1.jpg

Start by drawing a big oval in the middle of the page and a smaller oval higher up to the right. This will form your head and body. Add the neck to connect the head to the body and draw four legs.

Step 2.jpg

Draw two ears and horns, a tail and four hooves. Add the mane down the giraffe’s neck.

Step 3.jpg

Draw an eye, a nostril and a mouth.

Step 4.jpg

Add the patterns all over the giraffe’s body. This doesn’t have to be perfect, just draw it as you wish. Polka dots also work well.

Step 5.jpg

Trace the giraffe’s outline with a sharpie.

Step 6.jpg

Fill in the details with a sharpie.

Step 7.jpg

Erase the pencil lines.

Step 8 (1).jpg



Colour the picture and you’re done!


Here’s the giraffe from the book Are You an Elephant?

I hope you and your kids enjoy drawing this giraffe as much as I did.

You can make this picture your own by colouring the giraffe in multi colours or adding a backrground.


Happy drawing!
Stay Blessed!



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