Doors Now Open – “Shameless Self-Promotion “5 à 7″ Blogging Event” #WriterWednesday

The Shameless Self-Promotion Blogging Event is well underway. Don’t miss out. 🙂

Simply Marquessa

Cocktails, Socializing, People, Group, Gathering


Welcome to the “5 à 7”!

Thanks for joining the party! If this is the first time that you are hearing about this event, the rules are below. For those who are already in the know, JUMP IN!

What do you need to know about attending tonight’s event?

1. Since this is an opportunity to mix, mingle and shamelessly self-promote your blog or a specific post, you must:

  • leave ONE link to your blog or post in the Comment box;
  • mention if your link contains MATURE/18+ content;

2. When you leave your link:

  • introduce yourself;
  • tell us a little about your blog; and
  • shamelesslytell us what is absolutely awesome about the link you are sharing.

3. VISIT at least three links from other party-goers, say hello and/or leave a comment directly on their blog;

4. REBLOG this post and/or SHARE this post on social media like Twitter…

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