Sketching Sunday: How to draw a hamster

Sketching Sunday Hamster.jpg

I’ve been under the covers for most of the day, but I’m finally feeling well enough to post this. I love drawing mice and hamsters. I had three hamsters – Hammy, Sammy and Martha. They were very cute, but didn’t live very long. Hamsters are quite easy to draw, so here’s my tutorial:

Hamster Step 1.jpg

Draw a large oval for the body and a medium size oval on top of it. Then a smaller oval on top of the medium oval to form the head and the cheeks. Finally draw a circle on either side of the head to form ears.

Hamster Step 2.jpg

Draw the arms, the feet and a small circle for the tail. Add details on the ears, lines on the feet and hands and a smaller oval on the stomach.

Hamster Step 3.jpg

Use a marker to outline the image.

Hamster Step 5.jpg

Erase the pencil lines and you have a hamster.


I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

Please let me know what you’d like to see in next weeks Sketching Sunday.

I hope you have a restful Sunday and a great week ahead.

Don’t forget to add a comment in the box below.


Stay Blessed!

Lindsay Sign Off


16 thoughts on “Sketching Sunday: How to draw a hamster

    1. Thanks.It’s so therapeutic. I’ve found that my little one pulls up a chair to draw at the table. I have to give him a blank page and a few crayons and we draw side by side. He just scribbles at the moment, but he seems to enjoy it. I loved your last post – Monkey see, Monkey do.

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      1. I’ve found that I’m getting very little use out of these crayons, because he loves breaking them too. Even the turn up ones – he wants to know how they work so he turns them all the way up until the crayon falls out. 😦

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