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Free Book Round Up

Hi Everyone! I hope you have a wonderful and peaceful Sunday with your families or by yourself.

I wanted to do this round up to showcase my books on free promotion this week.

All of these stories are written and illustrated with love, from my children to yours.



Happiest baby cover

Get your copy of The Happiest Baby on Crasulla Crescent has a Bad Day Here


Gigi cover

Get your copy of A Great Gift for Gigi Here



Get your copy of The Ghost Who Stole My Sandwich Here


Help Harry Has Hiccups Cover

Get your copy of Help! Harry has hiccups Here


Adventurous Alex Off to the Museum Cover

Get your copy of Adventurous Alex: Off to the Museum Here



Get your copy of Are You an Elephant? Here


There's A Baby In Where Cover

Get your copy of There’s a baby in where? Here

I hope you and your children enjoy these stories. Please leave a review, because they help parents make decisions on which book to purchase for their children.

Check out my Author Page for more great books.

Thank you!

Let me know what you think.


Love and Blessings,

Lindsay Sign Off




10 thoughts on “Free Book Round Up

    1. Thanks Miriam. You are amazing too. That story is quite funny. Definitely one of my favourites. My step daughter loves it too. She’s been pushing me to publish a book I’ve written about a year ago, because she loves it so much. So I’ll be doing that this week.

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