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Colic: How we made it through


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We brought home a very quiet little bundle. I was still recovering from my C-section and the ride home was a bit rough, even though we only live about ten minutes away from the hospital. It was like every little bump that we drove over tore into the lower half of my body. I couldn’t wait to get home. Mr unpacked the car and put our son in his bassinette. Everything was great, until about a week later.


I don’t know how it started; I just know that it seemed to go on forever. This quiet little boy turned into a wailing banshee. We tried everything to make him stop crying, but it didn’t work. I tried swaddling – he absolutely hated being swaddled. We tried a warm bath and a massage – that definitely didn’t work. We tried the shhh! Shhh! Shhh! Please stop crying or I might try and drown myself in the pool – you know where I’m going here. We were zombies! Sleep deprived cranky parent zombies!


We took him to a few doctors and they said “No! It’s not colic, he just has the niggles”, so the niggles is what causes him to cry for hours and hours on end. Great! Doesn’t sound like the niggles to me.


Then people were giving me advice on what to give my son to stop the gas and the crying. I tried all their weird mom hacks, from gripe water (just seemed to make it worse, because he’d vomit straight after drinking it) to Haarlemensis drops (Eew!) to Milk of Magnesia (Smells like old breast milk). I was appreciative of the help, but it didn’t work either.

I cut foods from my diet that I thought would aggravate him. Starting with wheat, then eggs and dairy; even meat! That didn’t work either.

It was so bad that we would go to my parent’s house, give them the baby and we’d sleep in the guest room. We hardly slept during those first few months, it was awful. I felt so helpless, because my son was in so much pain constantly. We had to do something.


So Mr Googled the symptoms of Colic, because he Googles everything! Thank Goodness he did! His symptoms included:

Crying in the late afternoon and night.

Crying for a few hours at a time.

Clenching his fists.

Pulling his knees up to his chest.

Red face while he cried.


Just writing this list made me remember exactly how he looked during that terrible time. I can even hear him cry.

We took him to the paediatrician for a final check-up and he diagnosed our son with Colic right away. He said that Colic is mainly caused by the baby’s immature digestive system. He needed extra probiotics to help his digestive system and it worked!


Here’s what helped us treat Colic:


Pro-B2 – Probiotic Drops


Reuterina Drops – Probiotic Drops


A microwave bean bag – We would heat it slightly and lay it on his tummy and it eased the pain.


An exercise ball – Mr would bounce on the ball with baby in his arms and it helped baby fall asleep. I didn’t really use the ball until my C-section scar completely healed.


A Boba Wrap – Mr and I wore baby for the first three months. It seemed to soothe him.


Colic is so sudden and disarming. I thought we’d never get through it. The first three months were definitely the most difficult ones of our relationship. Colic wasn’t our fault and we did the best we could. I won’t say that we didn’t fight sometimes, because a baby who constantly cries adds pressure to the relationship. I am happy that we made it through in one piece. To any parents with Colicky babies, I understand your struggle. I wish you luck and strength. It will be over soon.


Was your baby a Colicky baby?

Let me know what you think. Don’t be scared to leave a comment below.


Love and Blessings,

Lindsay Sign Off



32 thoughts on “Colic: How we made it through

  1. Oh Lindsay, this really took me back. To my first, darling daughter. She cried and cried and cried and I was such a mess in the first few months. Breast feeding problems, crying, waking in the middle of the night. Sleepless nights pacing up and down the corridor cradling her. She wasn’t diagosed as colic but I think it may have been. And it eventually settled as I grew more comfortable and confident and she grew. But it took time. Great post, especially for new mothers going through this.

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    1. Thanks Miriam! I was a complete trainwreck. The doctors said he didn’t have colic, but it felt like I knew he did. I hated that feeling of helplessness. People would come visit and ask me “is he always like that?”, such comments lowered my confidence as a mother. I’ve noticed that I definitely wasn’t alone in this struggle. Motherhood is wonderful, but it’s also messy. We are expected to only show the wonderful bits. Thank you again for your lovely comment.

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      1. It is messy. Isn’t it amazing to look back and realise how alone we felt (at least I did) when there were so many others going through the same. Support groups should be mandatory! I never had one although I was lucky to have a great husband and wonderful mother who was there for me. Still, they were challenging times. We live and learn don’t we?

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      2. Does it get easier with the next one, because you know what to expect (more or less)? It is amazing to look back, I have no idea how we made it through. My support system was great too, but most of the problems I had were internal. I had trouble adjusting to motherhood all together. We definitely live and learn 🙂

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      3. YES, it definitely does get easier with the next one. I was so much more relaxed with my second. Both in myself internally and my coping skills. Just knowing what to expect and knowing that I could manage no matter what made a huge difference. And it’s amazing because my kids are polar opposites in personality, I wonder sometimes if my attitude during pregnancy marked any of that, it’s interesting to ponder though I guess we’ll never really know.

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      4. I’m so glad to hear that, because I really don’t want to go through those feelings again. Boys and girls are different to begin with. It would be interesting to find out if our attitudes during pregnancy affect our children.

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  2. Though I don’t have a baby yet, but I have seen my friends go through this! Its so sad to see the baby cry for hours and the parents feeling absolutely helpless not knowing what to do!

    A great post! I am sure many could find this helpful…

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    1. We started with Probiflora powder, but he hated it and the powder went all over the place. I wish everyone would acknowledge the tricky bits, so that we can help each other. Thank you for reading and commenting. I hope you have a wonderful day.

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  3. Thank goodness for your Paediatrician and for you finding solutions to help! For me, it is so sad just hearing a baby cry, so hearing that constant crying in pain and knowing that your little one is in pain, must be heart wrenching. I was very fortunate not to have experienced Colic with my girls. I have friends though that battled as you did, to the extent they were afraid to have another child…just in case the baby was colicy. Thank you for sharing. x

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    1. I can relate to feeling like I’m fearful to have another child. A child with colic puts strain on your body, mind and relationship. You feel like you are losing your mind if you don’t get enough rest. Thank you for your lovely comment. I appreciate it very much.

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  4. My last baby was a colicky baby and OMG if she were my first I never would have had another! She would scream day in and day out, it never ended. I eventually had to stop breastfeeding because I was getting so stressed out my milk supply started to deplete around 4 months. It was such a sad day for me. The doctors finally listened to me and put her on acid reflux medication and after that she was fine. Now she is on nothing and eats like a pig and she is 18 months old. It was a rough road in the beginning, looking back I don’t know how I coped with 4 other small children at home but I managed. And some part of me feels a little like a super human for it! Great post as usual Lindsay. Much love xoxo

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    1. I feel like I can overcome anything after that too. So sorry that your little one had colic. I took it as every day he would cry, the more he would smile afterwards. Your daughter looks so happy. You are an amazing mom. I’m reading a few posts on your blog right now. Hehe.

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  5. I can relate! My first cried all the time. I would hear the echoes of her crying even when she wasn’t crying. I was not sure if I could go through it again. I waited almost five years. My second was so much better. I am not sure if my first was colicky or if it was because I was induced a week early. Maybe she wasn’t ready?

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