Writing Wednesday: I tried Write or Die 2 and this is what I came up with

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Write or Die has come up on various websites as a great website/ app for writers to reach word goals or get over writer’s block. The aim is to keep typing continuously; if you don’t there will be consequences.

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Start with your settings. I chose the standard 500 words in 15 minutes on normal mode where the screen will turn red and an awful sound would play until I commence writing.

Write Or Die 2.png

I’m always up for a challenge, assuming 500 words in 15 minutes would be easy, but I found myself typing furiously until the last second. I am quite proud of my work; it may not be perfect with regards to punctuation and grammar. It’s an achievement none the less.


Here’s what I wrote. It is a bit darker and different to my usual work, but I like to experiment with different writing styles and genres.


It was a dark and stormy night…

He was hiding in the bushes, peering over from time to time as she went about her duties in her run down little house at the end of the street. He smiled; he loved knowing that she could not see him. He took pleasure in knowing that he could look at her whenever he wanted. He did more than look, he dreamed, no, fantasized about her. Her porcelain skin, her golden spirals of hair and sweet cinnamon smell. He loved her, she had to know that. He wasn’t sick; he just showed his love in a way that she thought was unacceptable. He wasn’t a stalker, but a lover out on the edge, desperate to claw his way back into her heart, into her mind and her body. Oh how he loved her body! He loved what she could do with her mouth, her tongue and her teeth. He could feel her hot breath running down the back of his neck, her hands running down his chest…tempting him slowly. He exhales, the cool air forming a cloud ahead of him. It started to storm; rain pelted his skin and matted his hair to his forehead. He wanted to stay, but he knew he had to leave soon. His thoughts continued to go to war. He knew if he stayed any longer he would spend some time in hospital with pneumonia or hypothermia. He wondered if she missed him, if she thought of him. If she remembered the sweet times they shared at the beach house in August or the time they visited his sickly mother for lunch one Sunday afternoon. He wondered if she ever considered how terrible he felt when he was served with a restraining order. He thought they were in love! Why wasn’t she in love? Why couldn’t she understand his words, his showers of affection? His love for her ran deep, deeper than it did for any other woman he has ever met before. Now that love was reduced to hiding behind bushes on cold and rainy days, just to catch a glimpse of her beautiful face. Oh that face! He would internet stalk her sometimes, creating fake profiles to befriend her and her family members just so he could feel more involved in her life as if he was still there with her, doing everything with her. Attending birthday parties and drinking cocktails. Going dancing or to the gym. He wished she would forgive him. He wished she would let him back in. This time he would be better than before. This time he would do everything the way she wanted. This time he wouldn’t keep her used panties and sniff them. He wouldn’t check her phone to see if she was talking to other men. He would know that his place in her life was secure. He would be better than ever before. He would be so very different. He wasn’t sick, not in any way at all.


If you want to give Write or Die a try visit http://writeordie.com/


Have you tried Write or Die before?

Let me know what you think. I’d love to hear from you.


Love and Blessings,

Lindsay Sign Off


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