Siberian Saturday: Ode to dog hair

Ode to dog hair.jpg

April is National Poetry Month and I’ve written this poem in commemoration. I’m sure dog owners can relate. The image above features my dog, Sam, who’s hair inspired me to write this poem


Ode to Dog Hair

Dog hair here,

Dog hair there,

Dog hair dog hair scattered all over the stairs,

Dog hair on my favourite chair.

Dog hair! Dog hair!



Dog hair on my son’s face,

Dog hair in my favourite vase,

Dog hair taking over the place,

Dog hair making my house a disgrace.

Dog hair! Dog hair!

Give me some space!


Dog hair on my new black dress,

Dog hair making a great mess,

Dog hair giving me some stress,

Dog hair, when will there be less?

Dog hair! Dog hair!

I can’t take it anymore, I must confess!


Dog hair decorating my tiled floor,

Dog hair lining my front door,

Dog hair I just can’t ignore,

Dog hair bothering me to the core.

Dog hair! Dog hair!

I can’t take it anymore!


Dog hair putting on a show,

Dog hair you’re such a terrible foe,

Dog hair we don’t make a good combo,

Dog hair it’s time for you to go.

Dog hair! Dog hair!

You’ll be back tomorrow, I know!


I hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know what you think.


Love and Blessings,

Lindsay Sign Off


23 thoughts on “Siberian Saturday: Ode to dog hair

      1. I keep a lint roller in the car, too, but it doesn’t help much. It can be an asset. It gave Mr. Not-Serious an excuse to touch me on our first date. He *said* he was picking dog hair off of me. I didn’t mind. Lol

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