Writing Wednesday: Life through a writer’s eyes

Life through a writer's eyes.jpg

My outlook on life has changed since I’ve become a writer. Everyday life became more vivid, mundane stories become more interesting and words flow easier than they ever have before.


A trip to the beach is transformed into a story that is alive and colourful. Instead of just going, I think of how to describe the scent of washed up seaweed combined with salt and sand that ebbs and flows into my nostrils like the tide. I see myself and everyone else enjoying their day out. I take in every experience that everyone else is having and turn it into a story in my head. The little boy smiling as he receives his milky white ice cream cone from the old man in his dilapidated ice cream van parked in the nearby parking lot, the overachieving business woman pushing herself to run a bit further in her branded work out gear, her black and hot pink running shoes hardly touching the ground. The old couple sitting on a bench to the left, enjoying their time together like they probably have so many Sunday’s before, the man trying to meet someone new with his overzealous dog tugging him all the way down the foreshore. Me, taking in the sun and gazing at the passing ships so far away that they seem to disappear over the horizon. Even the ground has dimension and texture. From the grey grittiness of the asphalt on the promenade to the cement steps with its rusted handrail and the golden grainy sand that seems to stretch on to eternity.


This was more than a day at the beach, it became a full on experience for the senses.


How has writing changed your outlook on the everyday?

Let me know! Don’t hesitate to comment in the box below.


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