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Freebie Friday


18 thoughts on “Freebie Friday

      1. It’s 10pm here and I’ve had a good day Lindsay. The sun was shining, I made some hard decisions and a phone call which started a few things moving. I feel like change is in the air. Hard to describe but it’s been a strange yet good day with a few unexpected things happening. And you?

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      2. Are your parents Italian? Can you speak a bit of Italian too? It’s almost half past 2 here. We went to the post office today. I didn’t really get much done so far, but the little one and I have been sorting laundry. Haha. Something that takes very long when he is involved. 🙂

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      3. Yes, my parents are both from the Veneto (northern) part of Italy and yes again, I can speak Italian. Miss my dad, he passed away 17 years ago
        As for laundry! Ha. Don’t get me started. My hot water system broke today. 😦

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      4. Oh Lindsay, aren’t you gorgeous. Thank you. I remember doing a couple of these in succession when I started blogging last year. Is it okay if I postpone it for a while, I just have lots happening here and lots to sort through. At the moment even just getting my normal posts out is taking longer. I am honored though and I do love quotes, so it’s something I’ll get onto eventually. Maybe keep reminding me every now and then in case I get slack and forgetful. 🙂

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