Great method to deal with stress or problems that have been bothering you.


Welcome to everyone, I am sure there are times in your life where you have felt totally boxed in,you have so many things inside your head,you really do feel that you are drowning in a sea of problems,and the more, you try to resolve this,the waves just get bigger and bigger.

I have a method,which I share with many of my clients,for some clearing the mind is a very difficult job,the more they try the worst it gets,I advise you to find a quiet spot, where you know you are not going to be disturbed for about 30 mins.. you may lie down or sit,the most important is that you are comfortable,close your eyes, and let all these problems,thoughts…rise up to the surface,take deep breaths,don’t get anxious with everything in your head,we are going to take this away very quickly.Now I want you to imagine a large piece of furniture…

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