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The 22nd of April marks the first anniversary of Adventurous Alex: What Can I Be? and the first anniversary of my self-published author journey.

This journey hasn’t been smooth and easy as I would have hoped. I had to take a publishing break from September to January due to personal issues so I consider February as my proper anniversary.

Here’s the original cover:

alex cover

Here’s the new cover I’ve been working on:

Adventurous Alex What Can I be Cover.jpg

I never thought that I would ever publish anything. I wasn’t going to publish this story, to be honest. I didn’t know about Kindle Direct Publishing at the time, I just liked to write in my spare time.

I wrote this story one morning on 4 sheets of an A5 notepad during a ‘flash of inspiration’ moments. Mr found the story on the floor and read it. He urged me to publish the story and after much coercing I published this and many other stories.

Adventurous Alex could be concidered my first love. She is a real little girl to me, five years old and curious. She is hungry for knowledge and constantly asks questions. She lives with her parents, younger brother and white rabbit named Scott. Her favourite colour is fuchsia, her favourite food is spaghetti meatballs and rum and raisin ice cream. She aspires to save enough money in her piggy bank for a trip to Machu Picchu. Her interest in visiting Machu Picchu came from watching a documentary. She visited the library and borrowed lots of books on Peru. She can’t read very well, but enjoys looking at the pictures.

I’ve taken charge of my writing journey and built up enough confidence to illustrate my own books, hence the revamp. I’m hoping to revamp all my books so that they have a similar brand identity.

I’m hoping to update all the Adventurous Alex books very soon so that I can give Jungle Myths and Tales some much needed attention.

From there I’ve got a few stories that need illustrations.


So that’s the update. I’m sorry if I haven’t been reading many blog posts or commenting enough. I feel a bit bogged down right now, especially after starting the A – Z Challenge. I’m basically glued toΒ  the laptop after the kids go to bed. Hopefully things will get easier soon.


Let me know what you think. Don’t hesitate to comment below.


Love and Blessings,

Lindsay Sign Off



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