A - Z Challenge

Check In: A – Z Challenge Week 3

This week went much smoother than last week, because I spent Friday and Saturday preparing the A – Z Challenge posts and a few blog posts as well.


I’m looking forward to another great week ahead. Here’s what to expect:

O – Out and About with baby

P – Pregnancy Tests

Q – Quiet! The baby is sleeping

R – Recovering Postpartum

S – Stretchmarks

T – Teething


Here’s what I’ve written for the A – Z Challenge so far if you’ve missed it.

Abdomend C-Section Recovery Kit

Breastfeeding – More than breasts and milk

Colic – How we made it through

Down’s Syndrome Screening – My experience

Everything I packed in my hospital bag

Fatherhood for the second time

Giraffe House 1st Birthday Party

Hyperemesis Gravidarum – severe morning sickness

IUD- My Mirena Experience So Far

Just Be the Mother You Want To Be

Kicking All Day Long

Loss of Identity

Multilingual Children

New Kids, Old Kids


I hope you like my posts this week. Best of luck to all participating in the A – Z Challenge.


Have a great week!


Love and Blessings,

Lindsay Sign Off

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