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Out and About With Baby


It was difficult to get out of the house when baby was younger, because of all the lack of sleep during colic. I had to get groceries some time so we ventured out to the store. I remember carrying him in my bright orange Boba Wrap and doing my shopping. I felt so scared that he was going to cry the entire trip, because of the pain he was in, but all went well. In fact he was quieter in the mall or the grocery shop than he was at home. Boba Wraps aren’t very common here so I received a lot of stares and people asking me “What is inside there?” one lady even asked “Are you carrying a puppy in there?” She was quite embarrassed when she found out that it was not a puppy, but a baby. Eventually the little one graduated from the Bobo Wrap to the Hauck Malibu Stroller and then Hauck shopper stroller. We didn’t change our lifestyle much after baby, we still wanted to go out with him and we did.


Here are a few products I bought and loved:


Mr passed out wearing Boba Wrap.

Boba Wrap: I loved this so much. The Boba Wrap was so soft and comfortable to wear. I loved that I could wear it from baby to toddler. It was a great way to bond with him while he was little. They give you a booklet to show all the ways you can tie the wrap, but we used YouTube tutorials to help us fill in the gaps. My Boba Wrap still looks brand new so we’ll definitely use it next time.



Buy a Boba Wrap here


Delta Baby Travel Nursery Bag:

I loved this 3 in 1 bag, because of its versatility. It was most useful on picnics and trips to the park, when baby was too young to roll around. I also loved using it when visiting people, because I could unfold it and baby could sleep comfortably without me worrying if he would fall off the bed. I first saw this product on Pinterest and I had to have it so Mr ordered it on Amazon as a surprise and we got it 6 weeks later (it takes that long for customs to clear anything here). The Delta Baby Nursery Bag is another product that still looks great and will be used next time. It is a bit bulky so we got another bag as a day to day diaper bag.



Buy a Delta Baby Travel Nursery Bag here



Family outing to Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens

Hauck Malibu Stroller:

I researched lots of strollers available in our area and decided on this one. It included a bassinette, car seat and standard stroller attachment that is interchangeable with the frame for use as baby grows. It also included a matching diaper bag that could be attached to the handle of the stroller for easy access. I loved the extendable canopy, because the little one is prone to heat rash and the canopy kept it at bay. The Hauck Malibu is easy to open and collapse and the wheels make for a smooth drive over most surfaces.


This stroller has been discontinued by the manufacturer, but is still available on Amazon here




The little one at Backsberg in his Fisher Price Booster Seat

Fisher Price Booster Seat

This last product was used when baby was finally able to sit by himself. This was great to use at home and at restaurants. I didn’t want the traditional high chair, because we don’t have a large kitchen or diningroom to keep it out without getting in the way. The portable baby seat was a great compromise for a fraction of the price.


Us travelling to the Northern Cape and Free State and the little one in the booster seat.


Buy a Fisher Price Booster Seat here


What is your favourite item for travelling with baby? Let me know what you think.

Don’t hesitate to comment below.


Love and Blessings,

Lindsay Sign Off


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