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House Arrest

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I gave Mr a shopping list to purchase groceries at the store a suburb away. I dressed the little one and off the two of them went. I felt relieved, to be honest. Now I could really get some work done. I cleaned as much as I could, wiping down the countertops, doing the dishes, packing the toys away and hanging the laundry. Then it hit me. When last have I left the house?


It was two weeks since I left my suburb. Two weeks. The last time I left was to take the little one to his grandparents for the afternoon and collect him later that evening. When did it come to this?


Mr and I would go almost everywhere together. It didn’t matter if it was just to the store for a few items or even to the post office. Now I prefer being at home while he runs errands by himself all to do housework. The laundry will always be there, the toys will always be there and the dishes will always be there. There is no point in putting myself under house arrest for it.


Now I consciously decide to go with Mr. I try to get out as much as possible. Life is about more than cleaning and household duties.


Have you had a similar experience? How did you get yourself out of house arrest? Let me know!

Don’t hesitate to comment below.


Love and Blessings,

Lindsay Sign Off


16 thoughts on “House Arrest

  1. I can fully relate…sometimes I think for me, it is just a way of being by myself, and not having to worry about anyone else, even if the dishes still need to be done and stuff….
    I periodically have to force myself out the front door !

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  2. I relate. Today though I went to the grocery store by myself because this momma needed a break or she was going to break something. We’ve been having a lot of rainy weather and been stuck in the house and when hubby got out of bed I told him I’m taking a shower and going to the grocery store. I’m a homebody so it kinda surprised him but I needed to be by myself for a bit.

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  3. Oh Lindsay, I’ve had a few house arrests in my lifetime! And some were self imposed. After my first baby I felt as though I was in my own world for what seemed a lifetime. I also had an operation years ago where I couldn’t walk or drive anywhere for weeks. Now, when I get it, I love my alone time at home. πŸ™‚

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