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Stretch Marks


In my pre-pregnancy vanity I was convinced that stretch marks were the ugliest thing that could ever happen to a woman. My mother would often brag that she didn’t have any stretch marks at all; neither did my gran so the stakes were extremely high. The months went by and I didn’t have any stretchmarks, but I battled to increase weight during the second trimester due to Hyperemisis Gravidarum. With the help of medication I was able to gain 15 Kgs (33 lbs) in the last two and a half months before delivery. This sudden weight gain led to many red and purple stretch marks all over my stomach, back and thighs. I didn’t think they were beautiful in any way.


I felt so self-conscious about my new stretch marks. I didn’t want anyone to see me like ‘that’ (Not even Mr). I hated the way they looked, the way they felt and how they made me feel. I would complain about them endlessly to Mr. I would ask him HOW could he love me like THIS?


Then he said “I love your stretch marks, because they show that you’ve done the work to bring a baby into the world. I am proud of your stretch marks and you should be too”. That’s when my mind set shifted from self-loathing to self-love. These stretch marks symbolised a rite of passage. They are a constant reminder of my bravery and how far I’ve come as a woman and a mother.


Do you have stretch marks after pregnancy? How do you feel about them? Let me know by commenting below.


I’d love to hear from you!


Love and Blessings,

Lindsay Sign Off


28 thoughts on “Stretch Marks

  1. A burgandy and silvered map of life covers my lower back and bottom. Three wonderful human beings passed through my body, once many moons ago i was sad at my faded beauty, but it is only skin deep and my children I also get to keep.

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  2. I have them on my really lower abdomen. But what makes me most self conscious is my 2 c-section scars. Quite like you I didn’t want Mr to see me w/o clothing either. But I’ve finally come around to accepting them. Without them I might not have my babies.

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  3. aww beautiful story, i’ve never been pregnant, but some people do have stretch marks even before, my friends do and i admit that i think they are ugly, i don’t have, probably a few invisible on my butt, its not only stretch marks i worry about i just worry that it will never feel like my body again but i desperately want to be a mom in the future, at times i look at my mom her belly is fat and she has a nasty c section scar, now that i think about it i should remember she had that to bring me into this world! and love her and remind her she is strong and beautiful!

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  4. I’ve got cesarean scars from the two cesars that I had to have to bring both my babies into this world. The first was an emergency op after 27 hours in labor. They were difficult births and I have the scars to always remember them by but I wouldn’t change them for anything in the world. A legacy of giving birth to my beautiful children.

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  5. When I fell pregnant, my mom told me to bath in olive oil and afterwards rub my tummy area with olive oil, throughout my pregnancy. Often I was an oily mess, but I listened and I do not know if I was just fortunate or if the old wives tale worked, but I didn’t get any stretch marks!

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    1. I used olive oil instead of nipple cream and it worked really well. I tried cocoa butter, but I later realized that I had an allergy after having a rash all over my stomach. I wish I tried olive oil. Maybe next time…


  6. I use bio oil for my stretch marks but I do hate them. My children are now 28,25,23 and 17,I have learned to live with them lol. My husband feels I am beautiful just the way I am and it is a part of pregnancy for most women. But I will say that the bio oil does work for appearance.

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