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The Infamous Black Uggs

I’ve decided to add a segment called ‘Lindsay’s Life’ to share stories, vent or add a post that wouldn’t usually fit into a particular outline of my blog.


My first Lindsay’s Life blog post is dedicated to my black Ugg boots that I lost last year to a terrible puppy shoe biting accident.

Winter is coming (literally) and this got me thinking about my black Uggs and how much I miss them. They kept my feet nice and warm. They were easy to slip on and I loved the shwwee shwwee shwwee sound it made as I shuffled down the corridor late at night.

I know some people dislike the way Uggs look, I did for a while, but the comfort had me hooked!


No one hated Uggs more than Mr. He compared them to Crocs!




I know! I can’t believe it either.

He wouldn’t cease calling them the most horrible shoes in the World, Ugglys and that was just the tip of the iceberg. His hate for the Uggs culminated in one moment. I was pregnant and two days from delivery and we headed off to the mall to get a few things for the house, because I’d be away for five days. I hop out of our car and waddle into the mall. All was going well until Mr looked down (why?) and saw me wearing the black Uggs. I’ll never ever forget what he said, I’m laughing about it right now. “If I knew you had those shoes on I would have left you at home!”


Do you own or have you owned a pair of Uggs? Do you love them or hate them? Let me know by commenting below.


Love and Blessings,

Lindsay Sign Off



41 thoughts on “The Infamous Black Uggs

  1. I have uggs…though I know they’re not original. We were supposed to wear inside shoes at work and winters were kind of cold, my feet were always freezing even inside, so decided to buy these…MY LIFE CHANGED! 😀

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  2. I have a pair of black Uggs (as your picture shows) and love them to bits !!! My one daughter says they are ugly and wont go out with me if I decide to wear them…
    They are soooooo comfy and really, the perfect warmth for winter. Love Uggs, Huge Uggs fan 🙂 🙂 🙂

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      1. We get really cold winters here which go well into spring. We need warm boots or our feet would freeze. Uggs are very popular here as a result. I’ve borrowed my daughter’s and they are really comfy 😀


  3. Omg this is great! I have a pair of tall gray Uggs, and a pair of Ugg moccasin slippers which are the best. I hated Uggs for years, I thought they were stupid and ugly! And then two years I fell in love when I tried on my SIL’s pair, and holy comfort Batman! My husband bought me my boots which I would sleep with if I could and my amazing SIL bought me my slippers the same year for christmas. I had an unfortunate bleach spill at work and it put a hole in my beautiful boots, I refuse to throw them out and now I wear a matching gray sock on that foot so you can barely see the hole.. haha! Idc I love them so much and they were so expensive I can’t see throwing them out!

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  4. Oh, Lindsay. I’m a southern girl who has lived in New England over thirty years. Some things never leave you: cute shoes are cute and ugly shoes are ugly. Comfort? That is secondary in my nature…until I caved in to buy the good ole’ New England winter shoe. It’s not an Ugg boot, yet it is like wearing a bedroom slipper. So, I can change and be cool. Why can’t a shoe manufacturer solve this problem? Cute and warm and comfy can be harmonious, right?

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  5. I gave up heels and any kind of discomfort for my feet almost 35 years ago when I was pregnant. Cute means nothing to me. Comfort is all. I own only one pair of Uggs that were a gift from my oldest and dearest friend, Shirley. But they aren’t indoor Uggs; they’re rainboots and they’re fabulous! Cozy and comfy and I can jump in puddles. Plus, they just happen to be a perfect match with my rain/favorite jacket!

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    1. Did she intend to match them with your favourite jacket? I haven’t seen rainboot Uggs, but I’d love to find out if we have them here. With a toddler boy around I’m certain some puddle jumping is mandatory 🙂


  6. I’m kind of coming at this discussion from a cultural perspective … see ugg boots originated in Australia and New Zealand in the early 1920’s and basically, they are slippers. They aren’t something that’s really worn outside the home. Then in the late 1990’s some American company came along and big legal battles were fought over them trying to stop us calling our uggs, uggs (to us, it’s not a brand, it’s a generic word for a type of shoe) … it became a sensitive issue for us Aussies. So I’m a little torn on this … one the one hand I’m looking at it based on the fact that they are slippers. On the other, I can understand that they have been morphed into something completely different in the States. I think I have to sit on the fence … lol 🙂

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    1. Thanks for the information. I had no idea that it was a sore point for Australians. I suppose they’ve become slippers and shoes all in one. 🙂 Thanks for your valuable and informative comment. It really adds to the discussion.

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  7. Like Kim said, here in Australia, they’re pretty much used as slippers oly. I only wear mine inside the house. I remember I had a pair of Uggs when we had our first Blue Heeler. He could fit snugly into it as a pup, which was so cute. Until he grew up and he decided they were better off in his mouth! 🙂 I actually won a pair of Uggs last year in a competition, they’re brown and they’re the most comfiest slippers I’ve ever owned. Fun post Lindsay. 🙂

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  8. I have a pair I bought in 2007 before my Alaska cruise. I hardly ever wear them, because, well, it’s never cold here. I pull them out if it rains, but, yeah, it rarely rains here. LOL. I really like them, because they have a nice detailing on them that makes them not look like everyone else’s Uggs. I just wish I had a reason to wear them. Ha ha.

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      1. I wish! I was trying to go this year, actually, but with the job situation (as in, I have none) and the dad situation (I am taking care of him now, hence the job situation), I have used up the savings I had for the trip. *sigh*

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  9. I love my Uggs. At first I didn’t want them (they’re not as cute as other shoes), but they’re the warmest and comfiest shoes to wear while writing. One pair did suffer under the paws and jaws of my Rotties when they were teething (at least they now leave all my shoes alone). Uggs are a winter staple here in the Highveld – even if there are those who roll their eyes or go into shock when they see them 😉

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  10. I own two pair, one the same height as yours, 8 years old, and in their way out. They are dirty and slouchy. For Christmas I got new short ones that were supposed to be a replacement but my lower shins do not accept the downgrade. Ah ugly uggs. How I love you!

    Fun post! Thanks!

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  11. Reblogged this on and commented:

    Here’s a throwback to one of my favourite blog posts about a pair of shoes that I love so much (eventhough I don’t own them anymore). I hope you enjoy this post as much as I enjoyed writing it.


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