A - Z Challenge

I Survived the A – Z Challenge

This post comes quite late, but it is something that I’ve been meaning to write for a while.

If you’ve been wondering where I’ve been please read my previous blog post Lindsay’s Life Update.

survivor-atoz 2016 v2 - sm_zpsx3dtq1n6.jpg

So I made it by the skin of my teeth. I stumbled a bit in the last week and ended up posting Y and Z on the final Saturday of the A – Z Challenge. I had no sense of direction in the beginning and thought I would post what ever comes to mind and muddle my way through, but then I had a brain wave to write about my pregnancy and beyond. With little time to write and plan I set out on the challenge one post at a time. Some were easier to write than others. There were some that made me cry and others that made me laugh. I was already posting a post daily and an A – Z Challenge post was regarded as my second. This challenge tested my time management skills and made me wish that I was better prepared for what lie ahead, but I have no regrets. I have written stories that I probably wouldn’t have written about otherwise. I have opened my heart and my life to all and I must admit that it was liberating. Now that the challenge is over it feels as if my hands are idle. I fell more in love with my blog and I met so many wonderful bloggers in the process. So over all I am pleased that I participated and finished this challenge and look forward to participating next year.


Here’s what I’ve written for the A – Z Challenge if you’ve missed it.

Abdomend C-Section Recovery Kit

Breastfeeding – More than breasts and milk

Colic – How we made it through

Down’s Syndrome Screening – My experience

Everything I packed in my hospital bag

Fatherhood for the second time

Giraffe House 1st Birthday Party

Hyperemesis Gravidarum – severe morning sickness

IUD- My Mirena Experience So Far

Just Be the Mother You Want To Be

Kicking All Day Long

Loss of Identity

Multilingual Children

New Kids, Old Kids

Out and About with Baby

Pregnancy Tests

Quiet! The Baby is Sleeping


Stretch Marks


Understanding My Partner’s Role in the Pregnancy

Vacationing With Baby

Weird Cravings

X-rays, tracheobronchitis and sinusitis

Young Motherhood

Zest for Life After Baby

Congratulations to all who has completed the A – Z Challenge.


How was your A – Z Challenge experience? Let me know by commenting below.


I’d love to hear from you!


Love and Blessings,

Lindsay Sign Off



8 thoughts on “I Survived the A – Z Challenge

  1. Congratulations for completing the challenge! It’s great to hear that you found it so liberating, as it was very interesting to follow! 😊 I didn’t manage to read all of your posts but now that this one is up I can rectify that more easily. Well done, and keep the posts coming! 😄

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  2. I post daily as well, and I find the only way I can handle this challenge is to get everything ready and lined up ahead of time. You did well to come up with a good theme and a post to go with each day. Hope to see you again next year!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I wish I knew exactly what theme I wanted to go with from the beginning. I ended up scrapping everything the Wednesday before the challenge began. I hope to be more prepared next time 🙂 Thank you and I hope to see you too. Have a wonderful week.

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