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Throwback: Circus Fun in Cape Town

A few years ago we took Madam to the circus. She said she hadn’t been to the circus before and we were all very excited. I remember going to the circus with my parents and our popcorn would be served in this red box with an elephant on it.

We went to a circus called the South African National Circus in Observatory, Cape Town.

They aim to provide extra mural activities for underprivileged and talented people and children so that they can earn a living and stay off the streets and away from bad influences.

So here are the pics, I hope you enjoy them. For more information on the SAN Circus visit their website


Madam very excited for the show to begin!




A clown doing a balancing act that kept us entranced and fearful for him at the same time. It was excellent.


A funny clown act that all the children loved.


There were acrobats.


Hula hoop girls.



This act was Madam’s favourite. The man was able to fit into that small box. Madam kept asking “How did he do that?”


All in all it was a wonderful day at the circus.


Do you have any circus memories to share? Let me know by commenting below!


Love and Blessings,

Lindsay Sign Off



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