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Love Songs


Love songs suddenly have more meaning, their lyrics touch my soul. I find myself singing along, because Mr is away for work. It seems like my life is being told in music this week, see my previous posts It’s Cricket Season and Lullabies.

Home doesn’t feel like home unless everyone is home. The first day or so was a vacation, but the novelty wore off very quickly. I started missing the little things that annoy me the most. The days with the little one are super busy, but the nights after he goes to sleep seem lonely and endless.

I miss two empty mugs of coffee in the morning after breakfast. I miss seeing him drive up the driveway and feeling the mixture of excitement and relief that he is home safely. I even miss sleeping to the sound of his snoring at night. He will never admit that he snores, but he’s been snoring for years. It has become the adult version of a white noise machine to me. Sleeping in complete silence feels like a new experience to me.

I spend my nights with my headphones on, singing the lyrics of various love songs out loud. They have suddenly become so tangible and true. My favourite has been Sam Smith – Lay Me Down Acoustic Version and this Lay Me Down Cello Cover by Nicholas Yee.


Does your husband work away from home? What do you do to cope with the lonely nights? What is your favourite love song? Let me know by commenting below!


Love and Blessings,

Lindsay Sign Off


12 thoughts on “Love Songs

  1. I’ve no husband or mate or significant other.

    I have, for the most part, always slept alone.

    It’s just as lonely, trust me.

    I hope he’ll come home soon and ease that up a bit for you.

    Honestly, I do.

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  2. My husband works 12 hour shifts but he’s always home at night for which I’m very grateful. He did have to make a trip a few years back. He was gone for a week. I spent my spare time cleaning. Like you I’d fall asleep listening to music through my earbuds. When he got home, my house was spotless and I had lost at least 5 pounds. I wouldn’t want to do it again.

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    1. I ended up cleaning every corner of the house too. If he doesn’t work he doesn’t get paid, but it doesn’t make it any easier. Sorry to hear that it affected you like that. ❀ At least he is home at night now. πŸ™‚

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