Siberian Saturday: Two Huskies Tree Fellers

A storm snapped my beloved tree that stood in a derelect corner of our garden in half. That’s when Two Huskies Tree Fellers went to work.



Meet Max, the Executive Tree Feller. He was the one who started the tree destruction from the earliest opportunity to do so.


And Sam, Head of Site Inspection who stayed and watched as Max tore into the tree. Her main role was to dig up the roots so that the tree wouldn’t grow ever again.


They broke the tree down piece by piece  and hauled it away.


No job is too big for Two Huskies Tree Fellers!


So my favourite tree is gone. I’ll have to plant something else in its honour, but a garden fence has to be put up first 🙂


Do your dogs get up to naughty shenanigans? Let me know by commenting below!


Love and Blessings,

Lindsay Sign Off




11 thoughts on “Siberian Saturday: Two Huskies Tree Fellers

  1. You have big huskies, and they are good gardeners too. I have small shiba inus who have spent a lifetime of mischief with me. One is now fifteen, the other thirteen, and don’t trust old ladies laying in the sun. I am their servant, cook, bottle washer, doorwoman, leash wrapper, disciplinarian, social secretary and the pay is great. I get to pet them, snuggle them, pursue them, harass them, sneak them busy bones and watch them have fun. I think the best story of mischief is this;

    I was busy. I was always busy. Teaching came home with me, a box of papers to review and grade, dishes to do, children’s homework to enforce, ballet, walking in the park, tae Kwondo, busy, busy, busy. So one day when collapsed on the couch wondering if there wasn’t a kinder easier way, Foxywiggles brought me a toy, sanctioned, and wanted me to play with her. Avoiding her eyes, I kept reading my book. So she went and got something she wasn’t allowed to play with and laid it next to my feet. Pushing them forward until they touched my shoes, she gave a sharp retort. My eyes were no longer mine, I had been issued an order. We played with the toy for an hour. Then I got to read my book. Some days they are smarter than I.

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    1. Haha. Play with me now! Maybe Foxywiggles thought you needed to do something fun 🙂 When my day spirals out of control Max asks for a cuddle and I can forget everything for a moment. Sam doesn’t really like to cuddle, she loves playing fetch too. Pets seem to know exactly what we need.


  2. Hugh is a 7 year old lab/spaniel/Pomeranian mix who weighs 22 pounds and is a committed lapdog. He hasn’t gotten into any mischief in almost 3 years, but I caught the end of the last event in a very brief video. He’s sniffing the remains of a shredded little stuffed hippo — a poofy pile of fluff and fleece — its little plastic squeaker heart sticking out at a sad angle. Hugh raises his head to look at me, his eyes aglow in the light and his shoulders slumping with guilt. It’s 3 seconds of hilarity. I call it Rest in Pieces, Mr. Hippo.

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      1. Seems like they are. He loves to cuddle and go for walks. He likes to play catch, fetch, and tug-o’war, but he doesn’t tear the squeaker toys apart any more. He does chew the ropes to bits and throws them around so he can catch them all by himself, but that’s why he has them. I guess he’s entered his middle age. Sigh.

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  3. Shenanigans? Those two ? Never ! Look at their innocent faces….Well, on the plus side, lets face it, as tree fellers, they certainly did a good job, even getting the roots out, you don’t generally get such good service these days 🙂 ….and it didn’t cost (much). No, seriously shame Lindsay…your favourite tree. Try get another one.
    And yes, we have three gorgeous medium sized bundles of mischief …all rescues. 🙂 Have a lovely day. x

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    1. They did an excellent job as far as tree felling is concerned. I suppose it’s a wake up call for me to fence off the garden and give it some TLC 🙂 How long have you had your three bundles? Have a great day too ❤


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