Why You Should Encourage Independent Play

I’m an advocate of independent play for both children. See why you should encourage independent play in this blog post written by Mama Naturelle!

Mama Naturelle

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Most new moms are under the impression that they must be 10 inches away from their babies at all times. Yes, at all times… even if that means carrying bouncers (even pack and plays) into the bathroom while they shower.

Oh, you’re guilty, too? (Yeah, I thought so.)

For the first few months, every time Liam emitted a sound (and I mean any little peep), I’d stop, drop, and run to his bouncer, crib, pack and play, whatever. Yes, you could say I was whipped. But over the last few months of sleep training and other major milestones, I’ve realized how versatile my son can be (as all babies are!) I’ve realized that when he tries to get my attention from his play room, it’s usually to help him with something he’s capable of doing on his own –  and most of the time now, I let him… Because he can do it!

What has…

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