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Man Flu Vs. Regular Flu

Mr finally came home from his work trip!

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And he had a cold!


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He doesn’t get sick very often, but when he does you’d swear it’s a combination of Ebola and the Plague.


I’m never sure that it’s as bad as he claims it is or if he is putting on a show.


Everyone likes a bit of attention, but it can get tiring after a while and to make matters worse – I caught a cold too!


And now he’s healed and I’m sick. Runny nose, coughing, the works! Name it I’ve got it, but I’m still doing everything I usually do only difference is that I have a cold.



My other half struggles in that regard. So here I am, soldiering on. Fighting a war against a cold. I hope to get well soon so that I can write some more great content.


Does your partner/husband suffer from Man Flu? How do you cope? Let me know by commenting below.


Love and Blessings,

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35 thoughts on “Man Flu Vs. Regular Flu

  1. My husband once got an acid burn on his arm. It was an ACID BURN. His arm had a hole in it. The burn was the size of the bottom of a water bottle. It took months to heal. He never complained. But you let him get a sore throat……..good grief!

    I cope by telling him to go to bed. I can’t stand listening to the sighing. πŸ˜‰

    I hope you feel better soon!

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  2. I stroked his brow, made him tea gave him space to heal. I took him papers , ran him a bath. I gave him paracetamol and made him hot toddies. Then I offered to wash the car… He quickly dressed and became well, even had a bounce in his step. So I loved him well! Now I take a bow and happily wave at the husband cleaning the car, he waves back, smiling to himself as he gazes lovingly at his porche 356… taah dah!

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  3. For those that don’t know I am A Kinder Way’s husband. All I have to say about “man-flu” is (I can only speak for myself, not all men) I’m pretty sure my sore throats are worse than most peoples. I don’t know if it’s bad genes or if I am susceptible to some form of super germ, it doesn’t really matter why, it is what it is. I’m just glad I have a loving wife that takes great care of me, even if I do annoy her slightly.

    Also, Nikki is correct, if the injury or illness has some form of bragging rights that go along with it, the pain is more tolerable.


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    1. Mr must have the same bad throat that you have. He hardly gets sick, but the one time he does it’s really bad. You are blessed to have a loving wife that looks after you when you are ill. I hope your acid burn wound has healed.

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  4. This post had me chuckling πŸ™‚

    Oddly enough in our family, I am the one who moans and groans at the slightest sign of a cold. In my defense, being sick is my one chance at being waited on hand and foot so why would I let the opportunity pass? πŸ˜‰

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