Seven Mom Things I Totally Do Now

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When I fell pregnant I thought everything would be exactly the same, just with a baby around. Needless to say, things have definitely changed more than I thought it would after the Little One was born. I was convinced I would be a “cool mom”, now I’m more of a “school mom”. Here’s a list of seven mom things I do now and mom traits I’ve acquired:


  1. I cut my sandwiches into fingers – any sandwich is cut into fingers, whether it’s for the little one, me or Mr. I’m so used to doing it.
  2. I blow on my food at the restaurant to cool it down – this behaviour has become second nature. I caught myself cutting my restaurant meal into tiny pieces, blowing it cool and eating it! I definitely got some stares from other patrons.
  3. I have no idea what the latest hit song is – All I seem to be listening to these days are nursery rhymes. I can rock all the lyrics to Old Mac Donald though!
  4. I can find seemingly lost items – I remember asking my mom for things and she’d magically find them. Now everyone asks me where something is and I actually know where they are most of the time. It’s not really lost until Mom can’t find it!
  5. I’m a toddler translator – my son says things that may sound like gibberish to others, but it makes complete sense to me.
  6. I carry tissues and wet wipes in my handbag – I never carried tissues, because I didn’t have any use for it. Now I don’t leave the house without tissues and wet wipes to clean up messes and dirty hands and mouths.
  7. Everyday clothing is chosen by function not aesthetics. I thought I was going to be stylish forever and refuse to purchase comfortable “mom clothes” before baby, but I was so wrong about that too. Now I gauge clothing by its durability, functionality and comfortability, before colour or fashion trends. The same goes for shoes as per my blog post A Toddler Mom’s Open Letter to her High Heels.


What are the totally mom things you do now that you never thought you would do? Let me know by commenting below!


Love and Blessings,

Lindsay Sign Off

20 thoughts on “Seven Mom Things I Totally Do Now

  1. Brilliant. In addition I also have about 100 packets of tissues scattered around my house as well as emergency snacks in very handbag

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