What your young child can do at home

Read this post by Everyday Begins New, which outlines creating a sense of independence in children from an early age using Montessori methods.

Every Day Begins New

Here’s some more information I received from my children’s Montessori school, put together by their lovely teachers regarding supporting independence in the home for the 0-6 year old child.

Independence in the Home; 0-3 years:

“The child’s conquests of independence are the basic steps in what is called his “natural development”. In other words, if we observe natural development with sufficient care, we see that it can be defined as the gaining of successive levels of independence.” (Maria Montessori, The Absorbent Mind, p.76)

How can you assist your child to gain successive independence? When do you begin and what are some of the things you can do? Here are some ideas to consider for the 0-3 year old in your home:

  1. As parents we can find it easier to do things ourselves because it is faster, less messy or efficient, but children do pick up on the subtle message that…

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