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Stumbled Upon: Pet Fox Becomes Best Friend With a Dog


*Images from Instagram.


I stumbled upon this story while looking up good news stories for the Kindness Challenge Week 2 where we observe kindness around us.

Moose (the Australian Shepherd mix) has been looking after Juniper (the fox) since the day she was brought home.

This story resonated with me for many reasons. Firstly, they are extremely cute together and apart. They are also very photogenic.

Their story shows that kindness and love isn’t exclusively confined to one race or species. You can be kind and love someone even if they don’t look or behave like you.

If animals can do it why can’t we?


Kindness is free. Let’s show some kindness today.

Read Juniper and Moose’s full story here


Love and Blessings,

Lindsay Sign Off



27 thoughts on “Stumbled Upon: Pet Fox Becomes Best Friend With a Dog

  1. Thanks for sharing Lindsay! Oh my gosh!!!! Are they adorable or what?!!! I love how you point this out, I often find inspiration from animals and children. Stories like these show that love and kindness is natural and not confined to humans as you said. They are both cute, but the fox in particular brought a huge smile to my face with his adorably sly expression!

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      1. hahahahahahah no I suppose not to have one. I would like to pet a little baby fox (without its mother around of course because hell hath no fury like a mama of any species that thinks her baby is in danger!) 😉

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  2. Because animals are innately pure and good-hearted. They use their brains according to what they’re supposed to utilize it for; be it hunting, survival, keen decision making of their young, etc. In other words, they’re just not US.

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  3. What an awesome post to share Lindsay, so apt for the challenge. Kindness really does transcend all. They’re both adorable, especially the fox, mind you none of the foxes around here look quite so cute! 🙂

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