Introduce Yourself

Join in on the fun at Making Time For Me. Get to know the blogger Stephanie and lots of other bloggers too! Add your details to the list and let’s get talking.

Making Time For Me

Here is what I would like!!!  I don’t want it to be a Big, Meet & Greet, that is not what I am looking for.

I would love for my friends on here to simply comment with an intro about themselves. Their name, maybe their age and where they currently reside.  That is it.

I really wish that I knew more of your names, as we get to know each other better and have conversation more often.  I would like to address you by name.  If you respond to this post, I promise to write it down in my Blog Journal, make note of it and work hard to address you by name in the future.

http---www.pixteller.com-pdata-t-l-388150  I will start!!!  My name is Stephanie Christie.  I am 35 years old and will be 36 in August.  I’m a Leo!!  I live in Michigan in the good ole USA.

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14 thoughts on “Introduce Yourself

  1. Marisa Homewood here 🙂 35 years old mum of boy/girl twins. I am Portuguese but live in Switzerland (who stole my heart) after 10 years living in England .

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