Wonder filled Clouds

I adore this post by Miriam on her blog Out an’ About. Wonder Filled Clouds is an inspirational post with a heartwarming message. Miriam has a knack for meshing her words and photographs seamlessly to showcase things we would deem ordinary. This post has changed my view on clouds for sure!

Out an' About

Do you ever have days when you let your imagination run wild?   And suddenly anything seems possible.


When you gaze up at the clouds and a new world takes shape. Shapes and figures appear in the sky. Taking us out of the ordinary and into the extraordinary.

Clouds 3 (800x600)

When the morning mist turns into magical drops of hope and wonder.

And sunrise breaths in the brightness and promise of new beginnings.


When the afternoon clouds speak of adventures waiting.


But sometimes it’s easy to lose perspective. When we can’t tell which way is up.

20151226_150049 (800x600)

Or what’s real and what’s not.

20160409_083016 (800x600)

When the sun and the moon and the clouds all appear intertwined.

Dazzling clouds (800x533)

We can be traveling along an unknown road and the sun can be dazzling.  The clouds on the horizon can resemble something they’re not.

P1050091 (800x533)

And suddenly we’re not in Australia anymore.  We’re amongst the Alps in Switzerland

20150815_140028 (600x800)


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