Food Minefield

Perfect for Tasty Tuesday! I love this simple recipe from Hanging Out with Lucas. My little one is exactly the same and I know he’ll love this too 🙂

Hanging out with Lucas

Something I always struggle with in my house is surprisingly not just getting the housework done, but getting the toddler to eat! One day he’ll love a particular food, the next it’s like I’m feeding him poison!

Every day in our house it’s like walking around a minefield when it comes to food – so I’ve come up with some fool proof recipes/snacks that generally always get eaten. My son isn’t really a meal eater, he snacks and grazes throughout the day a couple of crackers here and there, a bite of an apple that then gets tossed into a corner for me to find three weeks later when I notice a strange smell coming from behind the bookshelf, and things like that, so I wanted to come up with snacks rather than meal ideas. I’ll post some recipes/ideas periodically throughout the blog but to start off here’s my recipe…

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